Why Certified Courses & Insurance Are So Important?

Here at Sure Permanent Makeup Training I am passionate about keeping standards high and preserving industry standards. This has a knock on effect the whole way along the industry chain.

Training at a high level with accreditation leads to highly qualified technicians. This is turn ensures people are insured and clients receive the high standard of treatment and experience they deserve and expect. Positive client experience ensure positive attitude towards the industry which is important for everyone within it. When technicians are thriving it will also trigger improvements in equipment, pigments and tools as there is demand for such things which in turn helps us give our clients excellent service and treatments and this positive circle self generates.

When you train as a student with us your professional qualification is 100% recognised . 

Why is this important?

This is one of the most important things that you need to be aware of prior to carrying out any procedures. No matter what setting you are planning to work in once you are trained.

It means you are :

  • Qualified and gain a certificate 
  • You will need your certificate to show employers
  • You will need  your certificate to gain you own insurance for public liability
  • You will need your certificate as a requirement for some councils if you are planning to work self employed.
  • You will also need your certificate to start buildings and stock insurance if starting your own business.
  • It is 100% critical

What does it mean for us as a training centre

  • We have to adhere to certain level of training
  • We have a huge list of information that has to be included in your course.
  • If we don’t pass ABT accreditation level they will not work with us.
  • Each and every one of our course is scrutinised

We have proudly chosen to work with and be an ABT accredited training centre, WHY?

  • Guaranteed insurance cover for my students
  • Keep standards high
  • Be answerable to someone
  • They offer industry Specific Insurance
  • They have industry leading UK magazine subscriptions full of industry information
  • Access to insurance talks
  • A vast amount of advice covering multiple subjects for everything .

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