Want to Sneak a Look Behind a Training Session With Sure Permanent Makeup Training?...

Many people want to know the secret of what happens during training and have many questions to discover, if this is right for them?

In our training setting everything is set out step-by-step, so when you leave as a student, you are confident to go forward on your own clients.

 We have a state-of-the-art online training facility so that all your basic theory is done prior to coming for your practical days. However, the online portal allows you access, even after your course you can dip in and out to refresh your mind.

Of course you will be doing a little more theory whilst we are together. Seeing the practical element first will allow the more in-depth theory knowledge to be understood. We will cover all aspects from insurance, Color Theory, Client care, contra-indications, plus needle knowledge plus lots and lots more hours more in the online students portal area.

The time spent together in the clinic it's designed to get as much hands-on as possible. With a variety of clients, having a variety of Permanent Makeup procedures, including eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips it gives you a diverse variety. It gives you the time to work through different techniques, different styles, different equipment to work with, and find the way you are happiest working. 

There's always time to ask questions, repeat things and to refresh things in your mind. You have time to ask as many questions as you like, and the likelihood is somebody has asked it before you.

Yes, you will even get a small amount of homework. Again this is tailored to you, using Sarah’s expertise to really pin point something small that can be perfected with a little bit of repetition. So on your next day you can sail through your perfected part.

We selected your kit for you to. You'll be using the same excellent kit your training with. So when you're not in the training centre, you'll know how to get the most out of every item in your kit. Its a bit like Christmas!

You also get the chance if you would like to speak to our marketing and business specialist. He can help build you a website, help you with social media campaigns, help you with all the tools to market yourself.

We really have thought of everything. Your success is our success. 

If you would like to read some more reviews or watch the video of Itohan after her training, and hear how excited she is to be moving forward with her permanent Makeup career just click on the link below.

Sure Permanent Makeup Training

If you too would like to know more about starting a lucrative career in the beauty industry and train in permanent makeup then start by downloading the course prospectus where you will discover full details on all course options, prices, training location, who will train you and all the kit included within the price. Click the button below ...

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