Sure Permanent Makeup Training Wins Award from Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023

Early 2023 Sarah Wins the Coveted Award for Best Permanent Makeup Trainer in the Home Counties ... 

Sure Permanent Makeup Training Trainer of the Year Award 2023

As you can imagine this is hugely exciting and such an achievement and fabulous to be recognised in these awards.

As a trainer, I always think it's incredibly important to firstly know your subject, be a real specialist, know everything there is to know, but secondly get a real understanding for the students you are training. 

When people often come into a training environment, they can be nervous and have a little bit of anxiety because they're not entirely sure what they're going to be asked to do. But being able to relate to people and put people at ease is second nature to me. 

Before I meet a student in my training centre I will already know what type of learner they are from a detailed and comprehensive questionnaire my student has filled out prior to the practical day. 

People learn in so many different ways, some people learn best from repetition and physically doing the task, whilst others preplan, they like to look at all the theory, and have replayed that knowledge in their mind over and over. Once the knowledge is there they can slot in the practical around it.  

This is why all of my training is one to one, this means students leaves every single time with all the tools they need to go forward and be successful. 

Success that can be turned into a financial reward, enjoyment in their job, having skills to gain knowledge, how to use that knowledge in Permanent Makeup treatments on the business side, in fact, on any side of their new Permanent Makeup business.

Train In Permanent Makeup!!

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